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The Lubicon Lake Nation Consultation Unit operates on behalf of the Chief, Council, Elder’s Council and Citizens of the Lubicon Lake Nation. The Lubicon Lake Nation has been working since 2008 to develop effective, clear Consultation and Accommodation protocols and development strategy for industrial proponents intending to develop Lubicon lands. In 2011 these efforts were streamlined into the LLN Consultation Unit which began to incorporate parts of the Alberta regulatory structure relating to industrial development for First Nations lands.

The Consultation Unit strategies are based on the Nation’s vision and principles for land use across our territory known as the ‘Teardrop’ as identified by the Lubicon Lake Nation Elders’ Council. The Consultation Unit acts as a tool to assist in the maintenance of our Nation’s way of life, particularly in relation to anticipated or proposed industrial development and the management of the adverse effects of development within the ‘Teardrop’. Due to the high level of existing industrial impact on our territory, the Nation has been compelled to set in place protocols and guidelines for future development in order to avoid significant cumulative and long-term impacts to our lands and ability to exercise our Aboriginal rights.

To maintain our way of life and exercise our constitutionally protected Aboriginal rights, the Lubicon Lake Nation Consultation Unit works on behalf of the Nation to ensure that Lubicon citizens now and in the future, will be able to access and use the land as they always have. We also work to ensure that development provides real and lasting benefits to our citizens. As a result, the Consultation Unit aspires to ensure that industrial development within Lubicon jurisdiction occurs in a harmonized and responsible manner which balances the benefit of development with the impacts on our land, our water-ways, our wildlife and our communities.

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We are the Lubicon Lake Nation: a sovereign and self-determining peoples. The Lubicon Lake Nation is a distinct Indigenous Nation with a well-defined traditional Territory in what is now known as north-central Alberta, Canada (see Map). We are Cree peoples, Neheyiwak, and were and have been hunting, fishing and trapping on our Traditional Territory long before the creation of Canada. We continue to occupy and protect our Traditional Territory today. We have never surrendered or ceded our land to a foreign government. Our Nation maintains jurisdiction over, authority for, and autonomy of our Traditional Territory, Nation and peoples.