Our People, Our Territory

Our people were put on our land in order to protect the territory, the land and all of its occupants.  Our history began long before colonial intrusion and invasion.  We have been on our Traditional Territory since time began.  Our families lived peaceably together, sometimes gathering in celebration, mourning, or to participate in our traditional economy.  Our people were rich as our land was abundant.  We traveled the whole of it with our families, sometimes joining with other families in summer and winter homes.

We have always been self-determining with a large degree of familial autonomy.  Our families, historically, were represented in the governance and decision-making in our Nation.  Elders, women, and youth held and hold important roles in our Nation.  All of our citizens participated in the egalitarian economy, providing economic stability and shared wealth. Our laws were and are lived laws: our citizens knew and understood the laws and legal orders as they were taught to every citizen, from birth until death.  Through this process we came to know the responsibility for our land and our Sovereign relationship with and obligation to our territory.  All of our actions then and now are grounded in the shared understanding that as original peoples living in our original territory we are imbued with Sovereign responsibilities to our territory.

Historically, we had peaceful relations with Indigenous Nations located around our territory.  Our Nation's independence and autonomy was recognized and we recognized the independence and autonomy of the Nations around us.

Welcome to the website for the Lubicon Lake Nation

We are the Lubicon Lake Nation: a sovereign and self-determining peoples. The Lubicon Lake Nation is a distinct Indigenous Nation with a well-defined traditional Territory in what is now known as north-central Alberta, Canada (see Map). We are Cree peoples, Neheyiwak, and were and have been hunting, fishing and trapping on our Traditional Territory long before the creation of Canada. We continue to occupy and protect our Traditional Territory today. We have never surrendered or ceded our land to a foreign government. Our Nation maintains jurisdiction over, authority for, and autonomy of our Traditional Territory, Nation and peoples.