The Lubicon Lake Nation, Today

We are as married to our customs, laws, and traditions as we have ever been. We are and have always been sovereign, independent, autonomous and self-determining. We live in accordance with our customs, laws and traditions to make sure that our sovereignty is alive and recognized. We are rich in that we know where we come from, we know our language, we live on our land, and continue to govern ourselves and live as we have always lived. This has not been without significant external challenges. For the past 30 years the province of Alberta has granted oil and gas licenses to companies who have exploited our resources and our Territory without consulting us first. The ensuing damage to our land, our traditional hunting, fishing and trapping economies, our health and our way of life has been devastating. National and international support has not moved the Government of Canada to act in a fair and reasonable manner. Today we are not just fighting a legal battle for our land; we are "fighting for life itself, for all of Creation, for the animals and the plants, the air and the water."

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Welcome to the website for the Lubicon Lake Nation

We are the Lubicon Lake Nation: a sovereign and self-determining peoples. The Lubicon Lake Nation is a distinct Indigenous Nation with a well-defined traditional Territory in what is now known as north-central Alberta, Canada (see Map). We are Cree peoples, Neheyiwak, and were and have been hunting, fishing and trapping on our Traditional Territory long before the creation of Canada. We continue to occupy and protect our Traditional Territory today. We have never surrendered or ceded our land to a foreign government. Our Nation maintains jurisdiction over, authority for, and autonomy of our Traditional Territory, Nation and peoples.